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Menu Planning

For any restaurant, food is the essence and a well – planned menu is the soul of the restaurant. One of the keys factors to make your restaurant business successful is Effective menu planning. It creates the first impression when guests are at the table and placing an order and plays a crucial role in encouraging them to return to your restaurant time and again.

Our Restaurant Menu Design Methodology

Menu design does not exist in a vacuum, and hence our Menu Planning Process revolves around the restaurant’s customers. We start by understanding your customer base and target market, what drives them to your restaurant (a certain cuisine, rates, ambience), What are they exactly looking for when they come to your restaurant? and several other factors to make sure you are giving your customers exactly what they’re looking for so they’ll come back for more. Next thing we consider is the food cost as this accounts for about 30 – 35% of every sale. It is extremely important to keep this cost as low as possible without affecting the quality of the food that you serve. We help you achieve this through proper indenting planning and establishing efficient purchasing process.

We create Master Recipe Manual – a compilation of standardized recipes which include detailed preparation specifications, ingredient quantities, yield and portion sizes, and photographs to ensure kitchen consistency and efficiency.

Besides the above, we also provide:

  • Detailed Recipe Costing and Gross Profit Analysis
  • Food Order Guide and Vendor Specifications
  • Kitchen Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices
  • Kitchen Equipment and Supplies Specifications
  • Equipment Training and Maintenance Procedures
  • Food Handling and Safety Training
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