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Exclusive Buyer Representation

Even for the most suave and experienced, the process of acquiring property can be excessively complicated, time consuming and annoying. Our exclusive buyer representation services specialize in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property exclusively on behalf of buyers. We invest quality time in understanding a client’s requirement, whether it is an individual or an organization and help them find the right property for their needs.

We are engaged independently and paid for by the buyer, exclusively to act on their behalf. As a buyer representative, we do not act or accept a transaction fee from seller in the same transaction. Our aim is to ensure that the purchaser is as fully informed as possible and doesn’t overpay for the property. We continually work towards finding solutions that guarantee value for money by identifying suitable real estate investment opportunities within a specific budget.

Our experienced professionals are familiar with market values and the purchasing process. We work across the spectrum as a confidante to assist and advice in understanding the complex modalities pertaining to the property. We ensure that the desired objectives are achieved for the client, when it comes to negotiating the best possible outcome

Areas Of Expertise

  • Preparation of a detailed brief of your requirements.
  • Area market assessment & Analysis.
  • Comprehensive property search.
  • Pre-Qualify Properties.
  • Property inspections.
  • Property Evaluation & analysis.
  • Communication with sellers.
  • Inspection summaries and recommendations.
  • Investment and pricing analysis.
  • Purchase strategy.
  • Price & Contract Negotiation.
  • Coordinate pre-purchase due diligence.
  • Transaction Management.
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