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Property Consultancy

Working with developers, investors, landlords, funds and tenants, we provide a full range of property consultancy services serving every need within every property sector. From building consultancy to business rates and every niche in between, our teams deliver innovating and tailored solutions to complex property needs. We add value, perspective and data-backed expertise built on over a century of helping clients in every aspect of transacting, developing, managing and leasing property. Were abreast of every factor affecting the property sector and were not afraid to challenge, innovate and question in order help our clients achieve returns on investment.


We deliver the best residential services by providing effective solutions that helps you uncover hidden opportunities in the market.


Our diverse team has expertise in all facets of commercial real estate which allows us to provide a full range of superior customized services.


Our extensive knowledge of land will guide you through the transaction process and make the buying and selling rewarding and worry free.

We provide proactive, innovative and bespoke property and asset management services to all of our property asset management clients:

  • Building Consultancy
  • Business Rates
  • Property Asset Management
  • Developers
  • Energy & Sustainability Consultancy
  • Global Corporate Services
  • Hotels and Leisure
  • Institutional Property
  • Land Agents -Development Consultancy
  • Lease Advisory
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